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Should Fireworks Be Banned英語作文

時間:2020-11-10 15:46:32 推薦作文 我要投稿

Should Fireworks Be Banned英語作文

  在現實生活或工作學習中,大家總少不了接觸作文吧,作文是由文字組成,經過人的`思想考慮,通過語言組織來表達一個主題意義的文體。怎么寫作文才能避免踩雷呢?以下是小編幫大家整理的Should Fireworks Be Banned英語作文,歡迎閱讀與收藏。

Should Fireworks Be Banned英語作文

  opinions on whether fireworks should be banned or not vary from person to person. some are in favor of the idea of setting off fireworks, because they think it can bring good luck to the special days, especially to the coming new year. if fireworks are banned, there is no cracking sound to add to the happy atmosphere.

  others consider it harmful to set off fireworks. they say that fireworks cause many casualties and fire accidents. they also say that the ground is littered with pieces of papers and the air is filled with smoke. in a sense, it is another kind of pollution.

  personally, i amon the side of the latter argument. i think the safety of human life and property is more important than the enjoyment of setting off fireworks. moreover, we can find other kinds of enjoyment which might be safer and more meaningful to observe the special occasion and the coming new year.

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